Day 1- So far, so good

Today was the first day of our SNAP Challenge and so far it's been fine. I did realize a couple of things today.

1. Shopping for value is great in theory but really hard when you have to make every cent count for your immediate needs. Spending an extra $0.50 so that it cost less per ounce was not happening.

2. I failed to plan for my child wanting a snack after dinner so I proved that I'm a big softie and immediately gave in. If I had to actually live on SNAP and tell her that we couldn't afford to have cookies this week I would have felt really really bad.

3. I have a pretty extensive spice collection and I think it may be cheating to use it. I put 7 different spices on our chicken tonight. It tasted great but one of those spices alone costs $5. It would not have been in the budget this week so I will avoid using them again.

4. Apples with peanut butter are the bomb!

5. It's only 7:58 and I already want a snack. This is going to be tough.

Here is a video with some of my thoughts on the challenge so far:

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