Day 4- Way too excited about eggs!

Yesterday was day 4 and we were super busy. I skipped breakfast, shoveled down lunch, and finally sat down for dinner around 9 pm. I didn't take any pictures or do a video. It was just a crazy long day. There were only a couple of notable things that happened in relation to the SNAP challenge.

First, I spent my last $3.28 to get some bread, orange squares that are labeled as cheese, and ramen noodles. That will hold us over until the end of this challenge. It's the opposite of healthy and more carbs & salt than I usually eat in 2 weeks but it's food and I'm grateful to have it.

Second, and this was really exciting, I realized that the eggs I was using to separate our stuff from other food on the fridge shelf were actually eggs that I had bought for the challenge. I don't even really like eggs but I ate 3 for dinner last night with fried potatoes and toast. It was ahhh-mazing!

At this point Chadwick is literally having dreams about eating fajitas and pineapple and keeps asking me what day we are on but other than that we are just plugging along. Day 5 is not quite as busy so I will do a better job of updating on that.

If you are interested in participating in the SNAP Challenge here is some basic info:

#food4kids #snapchallenge #hunger #kids

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