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River Valley Food 4 Kids was established in 2014 in Pope County Arkansas out of a desire to better serve children in our area. In Pope County, more than 1 in 4 children are dealing with poverty and food insecurity. During the school year, children have access to free breakfast & lunch along with backpacks filled with food for weekends. Once school lets out all of those resources end. While most children are enjoying a break from school and time with friends and family, these kids are wondering where their next meal will come from. To combat this problem, several Russellville churches and organizations partnered with River Valley Food 4 Kids to provide food for the summer.

In 2015 the program expanded to provide for the backpack program at Russellville, Atkins, Pottsville, and Dover schools. In 2020, we expanded our program again to include the Hector School District.

We now serve over 1,000 children each year through our Backpack Program.


Through the generosity of our community, we provided over 540,000 meals to the children of the River Valley in 2023. To date, RVF4K has served over 2.7 MILLION meals to children.


No single church or organization has the resources to meet the needs of these children alone. We need each other and we need you.  Would you be willing to sponsor a child in our community? With only $12 per month, you will feed a child for THE ENTIRE YEAR. However, ANY amount will help ensure that a hungry child receives something to eat every time school is out of session.


Please contact us if you would like more information about volunteering or sponsoring a child. You can message us on Facebook or email us at


You can also visit our Support Us Page for more information.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

At RVF4K, the promotion of diversity and inclusion is made a priority. By openly welcoming and encouraging different experiences and backgrounds to be voiced and shared, we are better equipped to serve all of the children and families in our community. We realize that our mission would not be reachable without the diversity among our staff, clients, volunteers, and community members.

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